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Model 3/Y Eyebrows (headlight decals)

Model 3/Y
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Looking for a more aggressive look to the front of your Model 3 or Y? Well look no further! Thanks to a fellow Model 3 owner (FrostyFingers, find his YouTube channel here), we've created an easy-to-apply vinyl decal that covers the top area of the daytime running lights, and makes for a more aggressive reveal line. The decal doesn't cover the main headlight at all, so there's no loss of visibility. Choose from the usual colors to match the most Tesla paint colors or satin black, carbon fiber or matrix black. The lights are the same on 3 & Y.

A note about colors:Some vinyls are a better match for the Tesla paint color than others. Silver and white are very close. Grey and blue match well in some lights, but can look a little different in other lights. If you're wanting an exact match, then that's difficult to achieve with vinyl, so you should instead consider going with something contrasting, such as the Matrix Black, which looks great with any paint color. We do not offer Red, as the multi-coat red cannot be matched with vinyl.


Please watch our video below. Some useful tips:

  • Apply when the temperature is somewhere around 21c/70f. If you're not able to do that, ensure the surface is warmed up a little with a hair dryer or heat gun, and use gentle heat, if needed, during application.
  • There's no need to stretch the vinyl, just use a little tension to pull it into place.
  • For all colors other than matrix black, carbon fiber black and matter black, we will ship a matte black  layer to use as the first (bottom) layer. This is to prevent the light bleeding through, and should be applied first.