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USB Hub with Motion Sensor Light

Model 3/Y (1st Gen Console)
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The USB hubs are designed for all first-generation center consoles. Early versions have two USB-A outlets:

USB A Twin outlets

More recent versions have a USB-C on the left, and USB-A on the right.

USB C & A outlets

Be sure to chose the correct option for your Tesla, you can find these outlets at the very front of your center console. All models have 3 x USB-A ports on the front, together with a MicroSD card slot. The USB A/A hub has a single USB-C outlet, the USB C/A hub has 2 USB-C outlets. Please refer to the FAQ tab for more details. 

All Models feature:

  • Motion Sensor LED light  to see into the void which is your center console. The light can be set to On, Off or (recommended) Auto. 
  • Dynamic Power Control  to distribute the maximum amount of power available to all occupied ports.
  • Integrated microSD reader  for Dashcam/Sentry model (max 2Tb)
  • Broad compatibility  with the Qi Charging Pad, game controllers, USB drives etc

The video below is of almost no help, but great production values :-).

Installation is very easy, the trickiest bit is lining up both USB plugs. But make sure the car is at a comfortable temperature, take your time, and with a bit of wiggling you'll find the right location and it'll slide right in.

Is the QI Charging Pad (or the Tesla OEM Charging Pad) compatible with the hub?

Absolutely. The Hub supports PD 3.0 power delivery, so is compatible with both hubs. To ensure the wireless charging pad is fully optimized, ensure you plug in the USB ports as shown below:

How to plug in a Qi Hub

Why am I not able to format my microSD Card from my touchscreen?

Your car will only be able to do this if you have one storage device plugged in. Unplug anything else (including the USB stick in the glovebox, if you have a newer model) and try again.

What can I plug into my Hub?

All USB-C, USB-A ports and the microSD reader support USB2.0 data transfer, which means your devices connected to the hub are able to communicate with the vehicle. For example:

  • Record and save the Dashcam & Sentry mode footage.
  • Play audio files stored on your device, such as playing mp3's
  • Multiple game controllers

How Powerful is the Hub?

The Hub is only as powerful as what feeds it :-) If you plug more than one device in, then the Dynamic Power Control will spread the available charge to whatever's plugged into it. The total power outs are:

  • USB-C + USB-A version = 27W (USB-C) + 12.5W (USB-A)
  • Dual USB-A version = 12.5W (USB-A) + 12.5W (USB-A)