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USB Hub with Motion Sensor Light

Model 3/Y (1st Gen Console)
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The USB hubs are designed for all first-generation center consoles. Early versions have two USB-A outlets:

USB A Twin outlets

More recent versions have a USB-C on the left, and USB-A on the right.

USB C & A outlets

Be sure to chose the correct option for your Tesla, you can find these outlets at the very front of your center console. All models have 3 x USB-A ports on the front, together with a MicroSD card slot. The USB A/A hub has a single USB-C outlet, the USB C/A hub has 2 USB-C outlets. Please refer to the FAQ tab for more details. 

All Models feature:

  • Motion Sensor LED light  to see into the void which is your center console. The light can be set to On, Off or (recommended) Auto. 
  • Dynamic Power Control  to distribute the maximum amount of power available to all occupied ports.
  • Integrated microSD reader  for Dashcam/Sentry model (max 2Tb)
  • Broad compatibility  with the Qi Charging Pad, game controllers, USB drives etc