Sliding Center Console Tray for 2021 Model 3


2021 Model 3's
install difficulty:

Note: This tray is designed for the new (second generation) center console found in 2021 Model 3s and (at the time of writing Model Y's manufactured since February 2021). If you're looking for a tray for the first generation center console, please look here.

This tray fits in the front compartment of the center console, and, awesomely, slides out of the way when you want to hide the clutter, or just want to get to the bottom of your center console! It's flock-lined (the fuzzy surface that lines the rest of the interior of the center console), so there's no rattles. There's four compartments; one that's idea for cards, the rest are up to you.

As mentioned above, the best thing about this tray is that it slides completely out of the way when not needed or if you need to access the depths of the console, making use of the useless space below the phone charging compartment.

Just drop it in place! Please refer to the video below, or visit to watch in your Tesla!