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Compatibility note: Not compatible with 19" wheels with aero covers, including Tempest and Gemini. Refer to the color block below for an accurate representation of the colors:

RimSaver color blocks

Do you have a rash? You know, down there....on your Tesla wheels? It's almost inevitable, due to the aero-efficient design, the edge of the wheel is flush or slightly outside of the protection the tire would normally offer, 

Enter RimSavers. Made in the UK (where the curbs tend to be far more pointy that the typical US rolled-concrete curbs), they both provide great protection from curb rash, but also do a good job of covering it up. Compared to our other product, WheelBands, RimSavers are easier to install, and provide better protection against 'kissing' the curb, whereas Wheelbands are tougher, and protrude a little further, so are better at deflecting the curb when it's driven into more aggressively. 

Offered in six colors, the silver matches the silver Tesla factory wheels, the black obviously matches the Onyx wheels or the tires, or pick a color to stand out. The red really pops on a darker wheel.

Please refer to the FAQ for more info, and the Installation tab to get the lowdown - preparation is key to a successful installation. It's not at all difficult, but it's important to follow the process.

Silver RimSavers on a Blue Model 3 with Performance Wheels