Raven Decals


Raven Model S & X

Have a new Model S or Model X Raven edition? Lets face it, most people outside of the Tesla world won't really know that Raven was the codename for the revised S & X, but those of us inside are well aware of what it means! You can't tell from the outside though, so dress up your Raven S or X with one of our super-cool window decals. At 2x5", it's easily seen, but not too large, and made in weather-resistant vinyl that'll stay in place and not yellow over time.

You can also buy a set (of 2) car decals with the same design, in black. These are small, so can be placed just about anywhere on your car, or on your laptop! They're UV-coated, and made from the same material as number stickers (but way, way cooler), so they'll stand up to whatever gets thrown their way.


For the small decals, just peel and stick! Make sure the target area is clean of course.

For the window decal, this has a few narrow edges, so:

  1. Clean the target area with a glass cleaner (not one with a water-repellant feature) or alcohol spray
  2. Carefully peel away the blue back paper. Go slow, to ensure the decal stays stuck to the clear carrier sheet
  3. Holding the edge of the carrier sheet, place the decal
  4. Now apply firm pressure using a clean cloth, paying particular attention to the edges
  5. Now slowly peel the clear carrier film, pulling it away at a sharp angle. Pay close attention to the edges of the wings, and ensure they stay on the glass. If the vinyl lifts with the film, just lay it back down and apply more pressure.
  6. Admire!