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Qi Charging Pad (Model 3/Y 1st Gen Center Console)

Model 3 (1st Gen Console)
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Compatible with any Model 3 or Y with the first generation center console (see below), this Qi Charging pad does more than any other on the market! With a built-in SD-card slot for the Dashcam, landscape or portrait charging, fast-charging and full compatibility with even the largest phones, this is your go-to Qi charging solution.

 Center Console comparison

Available in a finish to match your (wood) dash, or in carbon fiber.

  • SD-Card Slot  supports up to 2Tb for Dashcam/Sentry mode storage
  • Fast-charging  with Qi EPP 15W support
  • USB-A & C  cables provided to cover all the connection options
  • Compatible  with nearly all phones, including iPhone 12 Max (but not the slightly larger 13 Pro Max)
  • Three Qi charging areas  for landscape or portrait charging
  • Airpod  charging adaptor included (but don't get too excited, it's just made from cardboard!)

Full instructions are included, or watch the video below. When connecting, if your Tesla has a USB-C and USB-A ports, then you only need to connect the USB-C cable. If your Tesla has two USB-A ports, you should connect both of them.