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Premium Hard-Sided Cooler

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Made in Lake City, Pennsylvania, we're excited to partner with CNCT Coolers to offer their amazing hard-sided cooler. With an interior capacity of 17L/Q, it'll hold a 24 pack of standard beer cans, or as we discovered this weekend, does a great job of being an ice bucket! 

It's designed for the trunk well (lower truck) of the Model 3, but also fits in the frunk or lower truck of Model Y, together with Models S & X (pre-refresh), so this is the cooler for every Tesla owner! Featuring pop-up handles inspired by the Model 3/Y handles, and using 2lb commercial-grade rigid density closed cell polyurethane foam insulation in the wall and lid.

Note: Ships via Ground shipping from Pennsylvania, please allow a few days for dispatch, and 1-5 days for shipping.