Flexible Screen Protectors for Model S & X


Model S & X 2012-21
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We've tried a lot of screen protectors in an effort to find the very best option for your Model S and X, and we think we have the ideal solution. Why? Because these screen protectors have been made for the Tesla Model S/X. Most on the market are simply larger versions of what you'd find for a tablet or phone. Ours are all designed specifically for the Model S/X screen, and formulated for the environment in which it lives.

We now offer four types of flexible protectors, please refer to the table and below to chose the options that's right for you. All films offer excellent protection against scratches and UV light, and are made from two-layer high-grade PET film sourced from Japan. All work great with polarized sunglasses, and have anti-blue characteristics (which reduces reflective glare at night). Each pack is supplied in a very sturdy tube, and we include an applicator card and a Screen Cleaning cloth.

Tesla Model S Screen Protector comparison matrix

Each protector is perfectly sized for the Model S/X screen, and with a little care, is easy to apply. We've made a video to walk through the installation process, please take the time to watch it, it includes some handy tips to ensure your installation goes well. If you're good at applying screen protectors to your phone or tablet, you'll have no issues here.

Matte (twin pack)

This is the version used in the installation video, and you see towards the end the difference it makes with the glare. It also does an excellent job of resisting and hiding any finger prints. It does change the feel of the screen, the surface has a similar texture to that of a sheet of paper (though not as rough as a Kindle Paperwhite, if you've tried one of those). The screen is no longer 'grippy' if you push your finger across it. This protector is my favorite of the two, but it's not for everyone. The matte texture does slightly reduce the clarity of the screen - if you have anything other than 20/20 vision, you'll never notice it, but some people do not like the slight 'fuzziness' that it gives. This is the heaviest of the screen protectors, which generally makes it slightly easier to install.

HD Clear (twin pack)

This is an excellent choice if you want to protect your screen without changing any of its characteristics. It does have some oleophobic properties, so fingerprints are resisted better than the regular screen. The HD Clear offers 99%+ visual transparency, and is the ideal option if you want a screen protector that you cannot actually see once applied.

HD Anti-Fingerprint (twin pack)

This protector has an oleophobic coating to reduce fingerprints, and to make cleaning off the finger-prints easier. Just like your smartphone, you'll still see fingerprints, but with a quick wipe they're gone. In all other regards, it's just like the HD Clear variant.

5H (Ultra Tough - Single pack)

The 5H protectors are slightly less flexible, and tougher than the other flexible options. They feature the same oleophobic coating to make fingerprint clear-up easy, and because they're less flexible, they're a little easier to install. Otherwise, it shares the same characteristics as the HD Clear.

Watch in your Tesla!: https://aohelp.me/SXflex 

By far the best way to learn how to install it successfully is to watch the video, it’s 4 minutes long and is specifically made for installing these protectors into your Tesla.  With the right preparation, they’re easy to install. 

Here’s some important tips:

  • Wash and dry your hands before starting.  If you have to touch the back of the protector, you don’t want to leave any finger prints.
  • Dust is your enemy. Make sure your climate control is off and windows and sunroof are closed.  Keep kids, cats and dogs out of the area. Don’t sneeze.
  • Move the car into sunlight to help spot the aforementioned pesky dust.
  • Wear something fluff-free when doing the install.  A Spandex onesie is ideal, if not particularly fashionable.
  • Use Scotch Magic tape (not Sellotape) to remove any dust that gets trapped under the screen protector.
  • Clean the screen really well before starting. It’ll make the whole process so much easier.  If you have cleaning fluid or pads for your eye glasses, use it to lift off any residue, otherwise just use a damp microfiber cloth (followed by a dry one) to reduce the static on the screen.
  • Align the top of the screen protector with the top of the screen when you start to apply it – it’s a perfect fit, so this way you will not have ‘extra’ to tuck in at the bottom
  • When using the supplied card to work out any bubbles, do this before removing the secondary protective layer.  Once that’s off, just use the microfiber cloth (or wrap the cloth around the card).  This helps to protect the film from scratches.