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LED License Plate Bulb Kit for Model S (pre August, 2014 only)


Early model S's (see below)
install difficulty:

Wondering why, on your super hi-tech Model S, your license/number plate lights are not LED? Us too. To address that, we've developed a pair of LED replacement festoon bulbs that are exclusively designed for the Tesla Model S.

Please note: if you have a newer Model S (late 2014 or later), then your bulbs are probably not replaceable; if you see two small screws then they are, but otherwise newer Model S's (and all other Tesla's) ship with non-replaceable LED bulbs.

These bulbs differ from anything else you'll find on the internet. Specifically:

    • They feature genuine Cree LED components, designed for automotive use.
    • They are sourced from Taiwan (not China), from a manufacturer that produces millions of LED bulbs for a major German automotive manufacturer
    • They are the only bulb on the market with a polarity indicator to aid installation
    • Each terminal is insulated (physically and electronically) to prevent any possible short
    • They're an exact match for the dimensions of the Tesla OEM incandescent bulbs
    • They're color (temperature) matched to the Tesla Model S foglights and internal LED lights
    • The LEDs are contained in an aluminum case providing superior protection and heat dissipation compared to SMD (Surface Mount Diode) variants
    • The LEDs are down-facing, casting the light where needed
    • They carry an unconditional two year guarantee

In summary, we've been really thorough when designing these. Check out the photo which shows all the design iterations before we finally got to a design we were totally happy with. They’re not too bright (but are bright enough to visibly light the road directly behind you in the rear camera view), not too blue, and represent the very best quality and design in the world of replacement LED bulbs/lamps - these are the bulbs your Model S deserves!

The packaging includes a link to the very simple installation instructions which you can also find here.