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Model Y Trunk Lightbar

Model Y
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At last, a solution for the dingey Model Y truck light! You probably know (because we don't sell a replacement) that the small round light in the roof of the Model Y truck is not replaceable, and the openness of the truck doesn't provide many options to add additional light. 

Enter our Model Y lightbar! Now, we only recommend you purchase this if you have a trunk cover installed, like this one. because It provide the perfect mounting point for the lightbar. You could install it on the rear of the second row, but the light would be facing you, and is pretty bright. So your best deal is to bundle the two products, but if you already have a cover of some sort, here's where you buy the lightbar on its' own.


  • 12" lightbar (57 LED's) & CE-certified
  • Plugs into the 12v socket, with a power switch
  • Magnetic sensor to detect with the trunk is open or closed
  • Various clips and foam adhesive to complete your installation

As always, the video is your best bet to understand how to install it. It's easy, as long as you don't mind sitting in your trunk while you do it :-) Check out the before and after below, we are not messing around here (photos are taken with the same manual camera settings, no trickery or filters!)


 For more details, check out our FAQ here.