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Mini Center Console USB Hub

Model 3/Y (2nd Gen Console)
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Note:Tesla has removed the data capability from the center console ports in Model Year 2022 Model 3 & Y. For these cars, the hub can only provide charging capability. We are working on a separate module to restore the data capability.

Designed ONLY for 2nd-gen Model 3/Y Center Console (the one with the sliding cover), the mini-hub plugs into one of the USB-C sockets on the inside of your center console, and conveniently extends them to the surface of your center console, in a finish that perfectly matches. On top you get two USB-A ports, and a USB-C port, all of which have intelligent power distribution to balance the load to whatever's plugged in. On the inside panel you get a couple of LED lights to cast some subtle light into the front of you center console, or maybe into one of our premium center console trays