Magnetic Phone Holder (Slimline)


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Any vehicle
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Compatibility note: This mount can be used with Qi-enabled phones but the metal disk must be placed outside of the charging zone, so anywhere in the top third of the phone should be fine. If the disk starts to warm up when you wireless charge, move it a little higher.

Our slimline Magnetic Car Mount Kits allow for secure attachment for almost any mobile device, with or without a rigid case, to your Model S/X dash (there's really no good locations in Model 3 & Y). Each kit includes two low-profile disks, one Ball Mount, a magnetic socket, an alcohol prep pad, spare 3M VHB (Very High Bond) sticky pads and installation instructions.


Choose from the Regular or Large option. Both kits are the same, except the Large version has a slightly larger and more powerful 'socket (the magnetic plate that stays on the ball), and is supplied with 1 large disk for your phone, together with 1 regular disk. Select the large option (it's the one with the red ring in the photos) if you have a larger phone, such as the iPhone 6/7/8+ and X, or a thicker case.

Depending on the case you use with your phone, the small disk can go under the case so it's completely invisible. If you use a thicker case (Otterbox etc) then you should stick the disk to the outside of the case.

The ball mount can go anywhere on your Model S dash, the photo's show what we think is the best location (either to the left or right of the center screen). No matter where you place it, the ball mount allows for a huge degree of adjustment, and you can easily rotate your phone to any angle.

Note, the magnetic socket stays on the ball, so you can safely keep you phone in your pocket next to your credit cards. Also note that phones using wireless charging might experience issues if the disk is placed in the same zone as the wireless charging receiver.

Should you need to remove the ball mount from your dash, detailed instructions are included, but simply sliding some dental floss behind it will eventually break


the adhesive bond without doing any harm to your dash finish.