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Premium Carbon Fiber Dash Cap for Model 3 & Y

Model 3/Y
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Compatibility note: Since April 2021, Model 3 & Y have started to ship with a revised dash that does not have removable end-caps. Please verify your dash has removable end-caps (on the left below) before ordering. We're working on a version for the new dash - expected 2023.

Cover up the slightly out of place wooden (or white) dash with our amazing real carbon fiber dash 'cap'. Available in a deep gloss and stunning satin/matte finish, this is a premium upgrade for your Model 3, which just take 10-15 minutes to do! If you're looking for a lower-price option, then we also have our vinyl wrap kits.

 This cap fits directly over the existing dash strip (white or wood) on the Model 3/Y, and ships with replacement dash-trim end pieces to ensure a great fit. Everything is made from hand-finished genuine carbon fiber (in a 2x2 'downhill' twill wave, the same as used by Tesla on the spoilers and S/X dash trims). The gloss finish adds a stunning depth to the finish, and if you have the factory piano black finish on your center console, would be a good match. The satin/matte finish has a beautifully smooth and luxurious appearance, without being 'in your face'; just a very classy look.

Each dashcap ships with two end-caps that match the grey finish of the dash, use these to allow the additional space needed by the dash cap.

Ships in a world-proof(!) box, with the dash cap, end pieces, adhesion promoter and gloves. If you don't have a trim removal tool, please watch the video before purchasing to see if you think you need a spudger.