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Model 3 Door Sill Covers


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Our door sill covers both protect and enhance the entry to your wonderful Model 3! Made from real carbon fiber covered with a UV-stable polyurethane, these provide a deep, glossy carbon fiber finish and are strong enough to take the knocks and resist scuffs. Sold in pairs (for front or rear), or as a set to cover all four doors, choose from three designs, each has the (correctly proportioned) letters embedded in the clear layer to give some depth.

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  • P3D


Application is easy, just clean the existing sill with the included alcohol wipe, and take a practice run before removing the backing. Once you're comfortable with the positioning, remove the backing (avoid touching the sticky side), and position it over the existing sill, allowing it to gently lay down. Double check the position, adjusting as necessary, and then finalize by applying even pressure along the length of the sill protector

Should you ever need to remove it in the future, just apply moderate heat using a heat gun or hair dryer to soften the adhesive, and slowly peel it away. Check out our video below: