Jeda Wireless Pad (v3)


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All Model 3 & Y
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We're excited and proud to be able to offer the Jeda range of products, the fastest and most practical charging options for your Model 3 & Y out there! Designed & engineered in California, USA, Jeda has been creating charging pads for Model 3, and now Y for over 3 years.

Compatible with just about every Qi-enabled phone out there, from the largest (iPhone 12 Pro Max or Samsung S20 Ultra) to the smallest (iPhone 12 Mini), the Jeda Wireless Pad has you covered.

Fits all sizes of phone

 Charge in landscape mode

Need a quick wired charge or don't have a Qi-enabled phone? No problem! The Jeda Pad ships with a spacer pad enabling you to use the Tesla-supplied cables to charge.

The USB cables are removable, so if you'd rather tap into the 12v socket for 15W charging, you can replace the cables with your own, longer cables. Please refer to this guide. If you need a compact, QC3 USB charger, we have one right here. If you're looking for the Jeda Hub to go with your Charging Pad, that's here.


Charging 7.5W-15W Non-slip TPE rubber
Cable Length: 7.8 inches / 20cm
Power Source: 5-12V
Height: 6.5 in /165 mm
Length: 0.2 in /6 mm
Width: 5.9 in /150 mm
Weight: 4.37 oz /124 g

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For a full FAQ, please refer to Jeda's FAQ here.