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My Next Truck Is...CyberTruck!

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Let everyone know you've seen the future, and it's CyberTruck shaped!

This decal can be applied to any smooth surface, and, of course, is durable, and can be used inside or outside, in wet or dry conditions.

This measures 8.1" x 3", or 205x75mm, and is supplied with a cleaning wipe and application squeegee. To install:

  1. Clean the area. We're assuming it's going on glass, but the same applies if it's going on paintwork, your laptop, or anything else! Use the included wipe to ensure the target surface is clean, and free of any surface treatments that might otherwise affect the adhesion.
  2. When you're ready, remove the backing paper, and gently lay the decal where you want it to go. Step back, and double check positioning, and that it's level.
  3. Now use the squeegee to transfer the decal to the glass. Apply firm, even pressure, in all directions.
  4. Now slowly peel back the clear sheet and an acute angle. Watch for any smaller pieces of the vinyl lifting with it, rather than staying on the glass. If this happens, just lower the clear sheet, re-squeegee that section, and continue.
  5. Step back, and admire your work!