Carbon Fiber Turn Signal (indicator) Caps for Refreshed S/X

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Installation install difficulty: simple


2021-2023 Tesla Model S Refreshed
2012-2023 Tesla Model X Refreshed
Option:Carbon Fiber Effect (Satin)

If you've been looking for vinyl to cover the indicators/turn signals on your Refreshed S or X, there's a reason we don't carry it - it's a real pain to fit. So instead, we've got a selection of easy-to-fit carbon fiber effect, and real carbon fiber covers. Each ships as a set of two, one for each turn signal.

If you want the look for an awesome price, then our carbon fiber-effect caps are great. Made of UV-stabilized flexible ABS plastic, with a glossy carbon fiber pattern, these are easy to fit at a great price.

If you want the real deal, then we have the genuine carbon fiber caps in satin and gloss coming soon. They will feature the same weave pattern found on the Tesla spoilers, and are also easy to fit, adding a really classy look to your indicators/turn signals. They are slightly lower-profile than the carbon-fiber effect cap, and each has a UV resistant UV coating.