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Steering Wheel Logo Decal (All models)


All Tesla steering wheels
install difficulty:

Is the only bit of chrome inside the car bothering you? If so, cover it up with our precision-cut, no-tools-needed decals, and match your center console wrap!

Like everything we sell, anyone can install these. If fact, it takes about 10 seconds, and are completely tool-free! Just make sure the logo is clean, apply the vinyl piece, and remove the carrier sheet - done! You can watch the video below.


  • 3M 2080 Vinyl - the best on the market
  • Tool-free installation - incredibly easy, it just takes a few seconds
  • No complicated wrapping and awkward folds or corners to hide
  • Clear carrier sheet to make fitting them so easy - align and apply without ever touching the back of the vinyl

We've made these in the usual vinyl metallic and textured finishes, as well as colors that match your Tesla.

Tesla Color-matched Film (as close as we can get it!)

  • Matte Dark Grey (Tesla Midnight Grey)
  • Deep Blue (Tesla Blue)
  • Gloss Red (Tesla Multi-coat Red)
  • Satin Frozen Vanilla (Tesla Multi-coat White)
  • Gloss White Aluminum (Tesla Silver)
  • Gloss Black (Tesla Flat Black)
  • Gloss Metallic Black (Tesla Obsidian Black)
  • Satin White (matches the white interior)

Textured Finishes (plus matte black)

  • Carbon fiber
  • Brushed Steel (metallic)
  • Brushed Titanium (metallic)
  • Brushed Black (metallic)
  • Matte Black
  • Matrix Black