Installing the Flexible Screen Protectors for Model 3 & Y

Watch in your Tesla!: 

The Model 3 screen protector installation is a little different to S & X, mainly because there's no overlapping bezel around the screen, so there's much less room for error. The good news is that it's a bit smaller, so it does make things a little easier. Don't forget, the Model 3 screen ships with a temporary screen protector, so make sure you remove that first, ideally directly before, as it'll ensure the screen is clean.

Please watch the video below, but before that, here’s some important tips:

  • If you haven't already, remove the temporary screen protector installed at the factory (the service center might have already done this for you).
  • Consider using the 'hinge' method if you're not experienced with installing larger screen protectors. It doesn't work for everyone, but a lot of people like it; this involves lining up the protector perfectly, then taping it along the top so it can't move while you remove the backing sheet (Google it for more info, we're working on our own video since most are for iPhones)
  • Wash and dry your hands before starting.  If you have to touch the back of the protector (try not to), you don’t want to leave any finger prints.
  • Dust is your enemy. Make sure your climate control is off and windows are closed.  Keep kids, cats and snotty dogs out of the area. Don’t sneeze.
  • Move the car into sunlight to help spot the aforementioned pesky dust and bubbles.
  • Wear something fluff-free when doing the install.  A Spandex onesie is ideal, if you happen to own one.
  • Have some Scotch Magic tape (not Sellotape) on-hand to remove any dust that gets trapped under the screen protector.
  • Clean the screen really well before starting. It’ll make the whole process so much easier.  If you have cleaning fluid or pads for your eye glasses, use it to lift off any residue, otherwise just use a damp microfiber cloth (followed by a dry one) to reduce the static on the screen.
  • Align the top of the screen protector with the top of the screen when you start to apply it – it’s a perfect fit, so getting it perfectly lined up at the top will ensure everything else works out.
  • When using the supplied card to work out any bubbles, do this before removing the secondary protective layer.  Once that’s off, just use the microfiber cloth (or wrap the cloth around the card).  This helps to protect the film from scratches.


Q: Why did you ship me a protector that's the wrong size?

A: We didn't :-) Because there's no bezel on the screen, there's no margin for error, so even a slight issue with the alignment will make it look crooked, or have edges overlapping. Our strong recommendation is to order the 2-pack, not because it's more expensive, but because you get a practice run, as it's so much easier the second time around if you don't ace it the first time.

Q: USPS damaged the package

A: If you suspect the contents have become damaged in any way, just reach out to us for an exchange.

Q: My screen is going crazy after applying the protector

A: Please reboot the screen (car) by holding down the two scroll wheels on the steering wheel for ~10 seconds. This allows the screen to re-calibrate, and normally resolves the issue.