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Installing Tesla Letters (emblems)

To Apply

P3D, P3D+ AND PYD+ ship with an installation template to make alignment a breeze! Simply choose your preferred location, use the cleaning pads to clean the area and apply the template (ensuring it's level). Position the letters, first by applying just gentle pressure. Step back, make sure everything is perfectly positioned, then apply firmer pressure, and remove the template.

For other letter options, we recommend first applying a piece of masking/painters tape to where you intend to apply them to your Tesla, this ensures you'll be able to get a level application. Then get another piece of tape and after removing the protective backing place each letter face-down on the tape so you can pre-space everything, and ensure you're happy with alignment. Once you're satisfied, just present the letters to your car, and touch lightly so they stay in place, but you can still remove them if needed. Take one last look to confirm you're happy with positioning, then apply more pressure to finalize the installation. It's best to avoid temperature extremes for the next 24hrs to allow the adhesion to fully take.

If you need to remove the letters for any reason, use a piece of dental floss or lights fishing line to slide it behind the letters. That will break the adhesive bond. Any remaining adhesive on the car can be 'rolled' off with your thumb. Warming the area with a hair dryer will help speed up the process.