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US orders over $75 ship for free using either USPS or DHL eCommerce. US orders over $99 ship free using UPS Ground.

For international orders, our low-cost option can be very cost-effective, especially for small packages. If you're in a hurry, please select the DHL option, which we discount by 25%.

We ship nearly every in-stock product within one business day. Orders placed by midday Central Time will normally ship same-day. Transit times depend on the selected carrier.

Click here for your tracking information.

For information about USPS shipment, click here.

For UPS, click here.

Finally, for International shipping, please click here.

Sure do! We offer expedited services which typically gets there in under a week and a super cost-effective option that relies on commercial airlines to get your package to you. It's slower, but still gets there and saves you a lot of money! Read more about the options here.

In order to comply with international laws, we cannot mark shipments as 'gifts' or 'samples' to bypass customs fees (besides, that rarely works anyway).

We do however mark down the cost of the items to minimize the customs value. Typically the declared value is around 25% of the invoice cost. Most countries have an allowance of at least USD25 before duty is charged, so many orders will not be subject to additional fees.

Larger orders ($150+) will normally ship with one of the expedited services (UPS, DHL etc), and are likely to be subject to duty &/or VAT charges. The same applies if you upgrade to one of the faster shipping options. This is because the global carriers (UPS, DHL, FedEx etc all exchange their information electronically, and the actual shipping cost is included in the customs valuation. This is mostly not the case for packages that are delivered by the national postal services.

Whilst we cannot be responsible for any fees, we do our best to keep them low for you :-)

UGH! that sucks. But, we're here to help.

For breaks and damage:Sometimes carriers are rough and let's face it, glass is temperamental when it travels. Reach out to us at with your order number and a picture of the damage and we'll take care of you!

Missing/Incorrect Items: DANG! So sorry that happened. We're human and sometimes we get it wrong. Send us a note with a copy of your packing slip and description of what went wrong and we will fix it.

In rare cases (<1%) shipments are lost forever. We do all we can to prevent it, including great packaging, bar-coded labels and address verification for US and international address.

For both US and International, shipments are regarded as lost after 1 calendar month. We do not insure most USPS shipments as the cost is disproportionate to the value of the contents, so to minimize our overheads we do ask that a full month passes before requesting replacement items.

The majority of 'lost' packages do eventually show up, as the most common issue is the mail carrier just delivering to your neighbor, so if the package shows as delivered, but you don't have it, please give it a couple of days for things to shuffle around.

You can also reach out to the carrier for updates, or to request a trace. As the Shipper, we're the only ones that can normally log a claim, but in most cases you can also contact them to see what the status is; they have visibility of the shipment that we do not have.

The relevant contact numbers are below:

USPS: 1-800-275-8777

UPS: 1 (800) 742-5877

DHL Express: 1 (800) 225-5345


Unfortunately, stacking of coupon codes (i.e. using more than one code) is not possible.

No problem, but be quick! We ship almost every order within 1 business day, so as soon as your order has been picked, you cannot make changes. Your order confirmation will have a button to change or cancel your order, you can also do the same from your account page.

You have choices, we get that. There's lots of great companies out there, and a few not-so-great ones. We've been part of the Tesla community since 2013, and care about everything we sell.

Like most companies, we source from all over the world, including several fellow Tesla owners that have their own small businesses. All our vinyl products are designed and manufactured here in Texas. Products that we source internationally are made for us, to our specifications.

The products we sell we will rarely be the cheapest option, but we do try to always be the best option at a reasonable price, with great support if you need it.

You can read a bit more about us here.

Of course! We stand behind all of our products. Everything is covered, no questions asked, for one (1) year from date of purchase. Lighting products are covered for two (2) years. Items where Abstract Ocean is an Authorized Reseller maintain the original manufacturer warranty.

Please note, we sell a number of 'single use' products, such as our vinyl accessories and screen protectors. These benefit from the same warranty, but obviously once used, they cannot be returned. You can read more about our single use products here.

If you ever have any issues, just reach out to us.

No one likes returns, but we try to make the process relatively painless. We have a standard 30-day return policy, but believe me, we're totally flexible and will work with you! The bottom line is that we want you happy! Check out more info here


We take most credit and debit cards, together with other convenient options such as Google Pay, ApplePay and Amazon Pay. If you're not seeing a particular option (i.e. Apple Pay) double-check you're using a compatible browser, as Apple Pay will only appear as an option in Safari.

If your payment fails to go through, there's unfortunately nothing we can do about it, as all of the processing is handled by the third-party merchant, and their payment decision is based on the information provided by your credit card company. However, nearly all payment issues are due to one of the following issues:

Address mismatch. Please check your billing address matches that on file with your credit card company. due to our fraud protection, the transaction will always fail if it does not match.

Card Restrictions. All payments made to Abstract Ocean will process in the USA. Some credit cards have geographic restrictions limiting international transactions, so please check with your credit card company that this is not the case.

Suspected Fraud. This can be for any number of reasons, including multiple purchase attempts, or anything that could be flagged as suspicious activity by your credit card company.

If you experience any issues, you are the only person authorized to call your credit card company for the explanation; they are not allowed to provide the information to us. Often they can fix the issue immediately, and you'll be able to re-try the order. The other option is to use a different card/payment method.


Great question! Obviously, this is a personal choice, but since we've sold tens of thousands of these, we can say confidently that the Matte is more popular. But, it's not for everyone.

The HD Clear provides fantastic protection and is naked to the eye.

The Matte has a slight texture that scatters light, substantially reducing glare. There is a slight reduction in screen clarity (but after a day or so, you don't even notice)!

The vinyl center console wraps are such a great choice - even for beginners. The easiest to install are the two heavier vinyls - carbon fiber or the matrix. And, because of the texture, they hide any minor imperfections (not that YOU would have any imperfections...) The hardest to install is the brushed textures because they are the thinnest material.

In terms of living with the vinyl, the Matrix black still gets our vote. It's tough, doesn't show small marks or scratches, and fits the aesthetic of your Tesla. Next up are the other thicker carbon fiber vinyls for the same reason, and the brushed finishes. Matte Black has always been our top-selling option, but it's less practical, as oily fingerprints and scratches tend to be more visible. A good compromise are the satin finishes (black or white) which do a good job at resisting stains, but can also be cleaned up easily.

We always offer one free replacement section for any goofs but we have total faith in your ability to rock this install!

It's no secret that China is the manufacturing king when it comes to consumer goods. Where we're able to, we purchase US made products, and currently source products from Texas, Hawaii and Florida. All of our vinyl products are designed and made in-house right here in Texas. Globally, we source from the UK, Australia, China, Taiwan, Indonesia and Hong Kong.

In all cases, the designs are ours, and we do all we can to vet the suppliers to ensure they meet international standards in terms of labor laws and manufacturing processes.

Beware of some other sites that plaster "Made in the USA" graphics everywhere. In most cases, this is just not true for all, or even the majority of products.

We currently accept payment via:

- US Dollar

- Canadian Dollar

- UK Pound Sterling

- Euro

- Australian Dollar

- Various Cryptocurrencies

You can choose your currency at the top of the page, and all prices will be displayed in that currency throughout the site, and you can checkout and pay in that currency. If using crypto, select that option during checkout.