USB 4 port hub (USB-A 3.0)
USB 4 port hub (USB-A 3.0)

USB 4-PortHub (for Sentry/Glovebox)

Sale price$20.00
Installation install difficulty: simple

Our Animated Dash Lighting kit makes use of the USB port in the glovebox, but if you have a RHD vehicle, the supplied hub will not fit. So we're offering this as another cost-effective option, or just to buy on its own if you need more USB-A 3.0 ports in your glovebox, or, for that matter, anywhere else!

As with all hubs used for the Sentry recording in the glovebox, we recommend only using USB memory sticks - SSD's tend to consume a lot of power, and might not work as expected when plugged into a hub.