Location of the PPF trunk protection
What's in the box?
XPel Ultimate Plus Spec Sheet

Paint Protection (PPF) Kit (Trunk Load Area) for Model 3

Sale price$42.00
Installation install difficulty: simple


✅2020-2024 Tesla Model 3
✅2024 Tesla Model 3 Refreshed (Highland)
Model 3 2018 Model 3 2019 Model 3 2020 Model 3 2021 Model 3 2022 Model 3 2023 Model 3 2024 Model 3 Refreshed 2024
Model:Model 3 2018-2024
The top of the rear bumper is very vulnerable to scratches when loading & unloading from the truck, and this kit is perfect for owners who often use their trunk to haul baggage, bikes, baby strollers, etc. Combine with our interior trunk sill protectors for the original or Refreshed Model 3 for the complete the package!
This is designed for maximum protection and easy installation, it should take long longer than 10 minutes.


  • Xpel PPF kit (Ultimate Plus)
  • 1x squeegee
  • 1x Spray bottle (just add water)