Comparison of SolarShift PPF colors (shot in sunlight, with lightbar off)
XPel Satin or Gloss
SolarShift Purple PPF
SolarShift Shadow PPF
Front Light Protection (PPF) for Cybertruck

Front Light Protection (PPF) for Cybertruck

Sale pricefrom $119.00
Installation install difficulty: moderate


✅2024 Tesla Cybertruck
Cybertruck 2024
Option:Xpel Stealth (matte)
❓ FAQs

Lights, especially on the front, are vulnerable to rock chips and other debris thrown up off the road, so protect them with Xpel PPF (matte or gloss) or even make them cooler with our all-new UV-reactive SolarShift PPF! Pair with our Rear Lights PPF, and/or B & C Pillar protection.

Choose from:

  • XPel Stealth (matte/satin)
  • XPel Ultimate+ (gloss)
  • SolarShift UV-activated tint - Purple
  • SolarShift UV-activated tint - Shadow

Product Features

  • 🛡 Protects the front lightbar and lower lights (fog & head) on your Cybertruck
  • 💠 100% clear and nearly invisible once installed
  • 🏁 Made with ultra-premium Xpel Protection Film or our own SolarShift PPF
  • 💪 Install in ~20 minutes. Easy to apply or remove
  • 💎 Precision-cut in-house that requires no heat gun or special skills to install
  • 🤠 Made in Texas, USA

What's Included

  • Pre-cut PPF pieces (x3) (the Lightbar piece is a single, very long piece, so will take a little more patience to install)
  • Spray bottle with slip concentrate (just add water)
  • Squeegee
  • Link to Installation instructions & video