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The Jowua Collection

We're thrilled to have partnered with Jowua to offer their full range of charging and storage accessories for your Tesla. With a focus on both form and function, you can be confident that any of these accessories will compliment the aesthetic of your Tesla, while offering exceptional performance.
Foldaway Phone Mount with MagSafe 19 reviews from $39.95 USD
Premium Center Console Tray 30 reviews $25.95 USD
Wireless Gamepad 9 reviews $49.95 USD
Mini Center Console USB Hub 17 reviews $49.95 USD
USB LED Hub 9 reviews $69.95 USD
Armrest Organizer 6 reviews $25.95 USD
100W Car Charger 2 reviews $39.00 USD
Handheld LED Lightbar 7 reviews Coming Soon
USB-A to USB-C Adapter 2 reviews Coming Soon
USB Hub with Motion Sensor Light 4 reviews Coming Soon
3 Port USB DashCam Hub 5 reviews $29.95 USD
Rotating Phone Holder with Grip Mount 4 reviews from $39.95 USD
Center Console Tray 2 reviews $25.95 USD
64GB MicroSD Card Coming Soon