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S3XY Buttons

Model 3/Y + Refreshed S/X
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Compatibility Note: The OBD port has moved in Austin-built Model Y's. We're working on a solution, but until then, the S3XY buttons are not compatible with the Austin Model Y's (if you're not sure, check the 11th digit of your VIN; if it says "A", it's from Austin).

The button-free interior of your Tesla is simple, clean, and, very occasionally, a tad annoying! There's so much you can do via the screen, but sometimes, don't you wish you had an actual glovebox button (can't be just us)? Or a button to quickly turn on all your interior lights without changing what screen you're on?

Well, want no more. Our friends at Enhance Automotive created an amazing solution, and, this is only the start. Just like your Tesla, many more features will be added over time.

We now sell extra pairs of buttons (you must have previously purchased a kit - Buttons + Commander module) to be able to use the additional buttons, each Commander module supports up to eight buttons. Button pairs are supplied with black and white bezels to match (or contrast) your existing set-up. You may also buy just the Commander, if you don't need the buttons, but would like the dash feature.

When making your selection, if you have a Model 3/Y, please select either Model Year 2018 (an alternative wire harness will be provided, in addition to the 2019+ harness), or 2019 onward (the standard wire harness will be included). Same for Model S/X Refresh, if selected, you'll get an additional harness in addition to the Model 3/Y 2019+ version that's already in the box. 

Check out the FAQ tab for more details and the Installation tab for a quick video of how to make the magic happen.

Whats in the kit

Wondering what you can do with the buttons? Here's some ideas, but,for the latest feature list, Click Here.

Button feautres

* Indicates the feature works with the button, but is not currently visualized on the center screen

Looking for more inspiration? Checkout the video below: