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Model Y Trunk/Cargo Cover

Model Y
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Cover your cargo bay! We ♥ our Model Y, but we've never been sure why Tesla does not provide a cargo/trunk cover for it, just like every other manufacturer does...

This cover hits all the bases (5 and 7 seat versions, but not, of course the newer Model Y's that ship from the factory with the folding cover) - looks 'factory', easy to install, completely reversible if you decide to sell your Model Y, and, great functionality with it being retractable and easy to remove completely if you need to drop the seats for a high load. This is a 3rd-generation product; we skipped one & two as the design just wasn't quite right, but this one nails it.

Supplied with four plastic trim panels matched to your Model Y trim, they fit into place using 3M VHB tape and discreet clips that hook into the existing trim panels. No drilling or screws required, it's an incredibly neat solution, they fit like a glove. The retractable cover is made from a heavy duty black ballistic nylon. It slots into place using the new trim pieces, and takes just a couple of seconds to remove. Each new trim panel also has little hookies for grocery bags. Clearance from deck to the cover is 16", or 40cm.

If you'd like to solve the other problem with your trunk (💡lack of light!💡) consider bundling with our exclusive Model Y lightbar kit. See below for a before & after (before & after photos are taken with the same manual camera settings, no trickery or filters!)