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Flexible Storage Bins with Rigid Covers for Model Y

Model Y
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Note: Not compatible with Austin-built Model Y's, OR Fremont-built for vehicles delivered after September 2022 (Approx VIN 542xxx).

Tame the recesses of your Model Y trunk! 

This is a four-piece set, a custom-formed silicone 'bin' for each of the storage recesses in your trunk, together with a tough cover perfectly matched to the trunk carpet. This set allows you to make the most of the storage areas, above & below!

The silicone bins lift our easily for cleaning, or just to bring your shopping in. The covers are about an inch thick and fit perfectly each side, allowing you to place heavy stuff on top - they're not going anywhere, until you need to lift them out.

To install, simply drop the flexible bin into the recess on each side, and cover with the carpeted lid.