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Brake Caliper Covers For Model S & X

Model S/X Pre-Refresh
install difficulty:
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These are for all pre-refresh Model S & X (refresh coming soon!).  They're incredibly easy to fit, the hardest part is getting the wheel off! With a one-screw installation, once the wheel's off you're looking at no more than 5 minutes per cover, and, since these are covers, you're not messing around with brake fluid, bleeding the brakes or worrying about air in the line. The covers are made from aluminum, and powered coated in glossy Red, White or Yellow. They reduce brake dust getting to your wheels, and help dissipate heat. Supplied with all the tools needed, these are a great aesthetic upgrade for your Model S or X.

You can also add 4 (+ 1 spare) OEM decal made from 3M 680CR heat resistant high-reflectivity vinyl (designed for wrapping brake calipers). Red calipers will ship with white reflective decals, yellow and white will ship with black reflective decals (both reflect as white).

When selecting, please check your car to see if you have one or two calipers on the rear wheel. If two, you must order the six-piece set.

Please refer to the video (se installation tab), and note that the video shows a Model Y, but the process is the same for S & X.

Please watch the video for a quick overview of the installation. It's a very easy process, but since this requires you to remove each wheel, please ensure they're correctly re-fitted, using a torque wrench of possible.