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Storage Bag for Aero Covers (18")


18" Aero covers (19" at a pinch!)
install difficulty:

If you're anything like us, the first thing you did when you got your Model 3 or Y home was remove the aero covers. then, you probably discovered they're not easy to store, with the scratchy clips on one side, they don't stack well. Then you might have found out that the aero covers add about 4% to your range, which is important on a road trip.

So, to help with all of these issues, we have our storage tote! Padded on the outside, and with detachable padded dividers inside, you can be sure your aero covers are safe, and protected from getting scratched. It will fit in your trunk, and when empty will squash down into the cubby. It will not fit (filled) in the frunk.

It measures 20" x 20" x 3" (cm:50x50x7) empty, and 20" x 20" x 9" (cm: 50x50x23) filled with four covers, and is compatible with the 18". A larger version for Model Y aero covers is coming in November.