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Model Y

Make your Model Y even more amazing with some of our accessories!

Add protection with our door sill covers and tempered glass screen protectors.

Add some pop with our ultra-bright lights and puddle lights - well over 100,000 sold since 2013, CE-Rated and guaranteed for life!


White single $8.99 USD
Purple single $9.99 USD
Red single $9.99 USD
Jack Adapters from $27.99 USD
Noise Reduction Kit from $19.99 USD
Dual Motor Emblem $19.99 USD
SpaceX Emblem $19.99 USD
Tesla Model Letters from $3.99 USD
WheelBands $119.00 USD
Tesla PYD & P3D Emblems from $17.99 USD
Wheel Cap Kit $35.99 USD