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Foldaway Phone Holder with Grip Mount

All Models
install difficulty:

Note: if installing on a Model S/X Refresh, you will not be able to fold this away, so it's out of site, as there's not quite enough space behind the screen. 

Offering a lower profile than the 480° rotating mount, and made from premium materials this is a beautifully engineered option to hold your phone in a safe, practical location - no more looking down! Featuring a roller clamp design, once set it's simple to quickly pick and place your phone. This is also a great option for your Model S or X!

  • 360° mount rotation  for the perfect viewing angle - great for Waze in landscape view!
  • Invisible Design  just folds away behind your screen when not it use, maintaining the clean aesthetic of your Tesla
  • Fully Adjustable Clamp and Arm  to accommodate any smartphone
  • Silicone Roller design  allows for one-handed pick n place of your phone
  • Installation Frame and 3M Pad  makes installing in your Model 3 or Y (or 2021 S & X) a breeze

Please refer to the videos below, the first is for the Qi-enabled MagSafe version, the second is for the Grip Mount version. Both fold away behind the screen to be completely out of sight when not in use. The MagSafe version comes as a mount-only, or with Qi Charging.