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Dog Mode Enabled Cling (packs of two)

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Worried someone will break your window to 'save' your pooch? Even though the cars display the dog mode setting on the touchscreen, some people won't notice it until it's too late. Our window clings make sure the message gets across, can be applied to either the inside or outside of the glass, and are easily removed for re-use. Choose from a small cling (3x3, or 75x75mm), or a large cling (5x5, or 127x127mm), shipping in pairs.

Coming soon - a Pet Mode Version! Dogs are great, but cat are, erm, people too, so this design will embrace all of our 4-legged friends! Just as a 5x5, and also sold in a pair. Expected July 2022.

These just take a few seconds to install:

  1. The narrower end of the lens goes nearer the door (so the wider end is facing you as you install them.
  2. Before exposing the adhesive, practice positioning the lens
  3. Once happy, remove the paper, and finalize the installation!

These are not designed for the rear doors, but fellow Tesla owner Sandy made a great post on how to gently bend them to fit, if you'd like to try that :-) Here's the link: