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Model X Refresh (late-2021 onwards)

Model X finally got its refresh in late 2021, which meant an all-new dash, with a large landscape screen upfront, and a smaller screen for the rear passengers, together with replacing most of the external chrome trim with black. Everything below is compatible with the refreshed Model X.
Spudger (Trim Removal Tool) 125 reviews $9.99 USD
All-In-One Screen Cleaner 146 reviews $12.99 USD
Dual Motor Emblem 111 reviews $19.99 USD
FobPockets for Model S, 3 & Y 1300 reviews $12.99 USD
Jack Adapters 77 reviews from $28.99 USD
Sentry Window Decal (pair) 106 reviews from $6.99 USD
WheelBands 65 reviews from $119.00 USD
Silicone Water Blade - 12"/30cm 42 reviews $16.99 USD
Dog Mode Enabled Cling (packs of two) 44 reviews from $8.00 USD
SpaceX Emblem 55 reviews $19.99 USD
S3XY Buttons 51 reviews from $60.00 USD
USB Charger with QC3 Technology 24 reviews $9.99 USD
Threaded Lug Guide 18 reviews Coming Soon
Bling T Logos 14 reviews from $17.99 USD
Multifunction Armrest Cover 24 reviews Coming Soon
Wireless Gamepad 6 reviews $49.95 USD
USB-A to USB-C Adapter 2 reviews Coming Soon
Digital Gift Cards 7 reviews from $10.00 USD
Handheld LED Lightbar 4 reviews Coming Soon
100W Car Charger 2 reviews $39.00 USD
Screen Protector Sample pack 1 review $5.00 USD
Plaid Emblem (Chrome) 4 reviews $25.00 USD
Wheel Cap Kit 6 reviews $35.99 USD
Plaid Emblem in Matte Black 3 reviews $19.99 USD
64GB MicroSD Card Coming Soon
Rotating Phone Holder with Grip Mount 1 review from $39.95 USD
My Next Truck Is...CyberTruck! 4 reviews $9.99 USD
Plaid You're Here Doormat 3 reviews $49.99 USD
Tesla Car Covers $139.99 USD
Premium Hard-Sided Cooler 1 review Coming Soon
Physical Gift Cards from $10.00 USD