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Model X (2015-21)

Model X stumbled into the world in 2015, and remained largely unchanged until the refresh, which started to appear towards the end of 2021. Everything in this collection is compatible with all 'pre-refresh' Model X's.
Foldaway Phone Mount with MagSafe 15 reviews Coming Soon
RimSavers 13 reviews $89.99 USD
Multifunction Armrest Cover 24 reviews $39.99 USD
Wireless Gamepad 6 reviews $49.95 USD
Handheld LED Lightbar 6 reviews Coming Soon
100W Car Charger 2 reviews Coming Soon
Screen Protector Sample pack 2 reviews $5.00 USD
Plaid Emblem (Chrome) 4 reviews Coming Soon
Wheel Cap Kit 8 reviews $35.99 USD
Plaid Emblem in Matte Black 3 reviews $19.99 USD
64GB MicroSD Card Coming Soon
RimSaver Replacement Kit 1 review $34.99 USD
Qi Charger v2 (for pre-Refresh S & X) 2 reviews from $15.00 USD
Tesla Car Covers $139.99 USD
Premium Hard-Sided Cooler 1 review Coming Soon
Brake Caliper Covers For Model S & X 1 review from $225.00 USD
Physical Gift Cards from $10.00 USD