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Model S 2012-2021

We've had two Model S's, pre and post facelift, and loved both of them. The first products we added to both of them were the auto-lift kit, and screen protector, closely followed by the ultra-bight lights, as the lighting in Model S is feeble. Even if you don't have the premium upgrade package, you can add lights in all of the Model S locations.


Ultra-Bright Light Bundles 1879 reviews from $75.00 USD
All-In-One Screen Cleaner 129 reviews $12.99 USD
Ultra-Bright LED Lights - Model S 1866 reviews from $8.99 USD
FobPockets for Model S, 3 & Y 1261 reviews $12.99 USD
USB Charger with QC3 Technology 22 reviews $9.99 USD
Spudger (Trim Removal Tool) 123 reviews $9.99 USD
Dog Mode Enabled Cling (packs of two) 42 reviews from $8.00 USD
Sentry Window Decal (pair) 100 reviews from $6.99 USD
Ultrabright Blue 2099 reviews $9.99 USD
Ultrabright Purple 2096 reviews $9.99 USD
Ultrabright Red 2087 reviews $9.99 USD
Ultrabright White 2098 reviews $8.99 USD
Storage Bag for Aero Covers 31 reviews $36.99 USD
Foldaway Phone Mount with MagSafe 2 reviews from $39.00 USD
Model S Value Bundle $149.00 USD $166.82 USD