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Bling T Logos

All Models
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Compatibility note: Compatible with all steering wheel logos, front or 3 Model 3 (external) logo, and front Model Y logo

Add some sparkle to your Tesla!

Have you been wanting to bedazzle your Tesla? Well, you're in luck! Our Bling "T"s are available for the steering logo on any Tesla, the front & back logos for Model 3, and the front logo for Model Y.

Unfortunately the diamonds are not real, but they are beautifully reflective, and feature premium bright white stones in varying sizes to ensure a close fit to the logos on your car.

To apply, after cleaning the target area, simply remove the backing film, and gently apply. Please note, these are very sticky! Try to just touch them on the edges and apply, using gentle pressure where needed to conform to the logo.

Please refer to this short video for an installation guide: