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Model S Refresh (mid-2021 onwards)

We're adding stuff as quickly as we can! If you're looking for lights, you'll have probably noticed the refreshed Model S/X have a new design, so we're working to develop a new bulb.
Spudger (Trim Removal Tool) 124 reviews $9.99 USD
All-In-One Screen Cleaner 134 reviews $12.99 USD
Sentry Window Decal (pair) 104 reviews from $6.99 USD
FobPockets for Model S, 3 & Y 1275 reviews $12.99 USD
Jack Adapters 69 reviews from $27.99 USD
Dog Mode Enabled Cling (packs of two) 44 reviews from $8.00 USD
SpaceX Emblem 51 reviews $19.99 USD
Foldaway Phone Mount with MagSafe 7 reviews from $39.95 USD
Threaded Lug Guide 17 reviews $19.00 USD
Wheel Cap Kit 4 reviews $35.99 USD
Plaid Emblem in Matte Black 1 review $19.99 USD
Premium Hard-Sided Cooler 1 review $349.99 USD