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Premium Soft Cooler

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We're excited to offer the Tesmanian soft cooler! Fitting in the frunk of (pre-2021) Model 3 & all Y's (or the rear trunk well), this is the cooler to choose if you want quality. Featuring:

  • Heavy Duty Nylon shell with waterproof material
  • Lightweight and durable, puncture and tear resistant
  • Made with Eco-Friendly, non toxic, odorless and recyclable materials
  • Holds up to 52 cans of beverage and has a bottle opener
  • 2 ways to carry: using straps or grab the side handles
  • Fits into Tesla Model 3 & Y Front Trunk and Rear Trunk Well

Here's the measurements:

Cooler size

Better than a Yeti? Check out this comparison: