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Vinyl Bundle for Model 3 & Y

Model 3/Y
install difficulty:

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Everyone loves a bundle deal, right? Hot on the heels of our lighting bundles, we present our Vinyl Bundle, combining the the top-selling vinyl designs for your Model 3 (2018-2020) & all Model Y into one great value deal.

And, just like the set-meal at your local fancy restaurant, no substitutions please! If you'd like to mix and match, you can find everything you need here.

Here's What You Get:

  • A Center Console Wrap - our six-piece wrap covers all the glossy piano black in the middle of your Model 3/Y. (again, we're referring only to pre-2021 Model 3s) -- Fingerprints be gone!
  • Door Control wrap- These take care of the rest of the piano black on each of your doors (two sets provided, just in case). Left Hand Drive and Right Hand Drive options. (please click link to see what's included).
  • Steering Wheel Wrap- Tie your new color scheme together with decals for the steering wheel

Click the product links above to see all photos and installation videos.

- $105 value - saving you $15!

With each bundle you get all you need for a successful installation - wipes, squeegee and video guides!

Wondering what we think of each of the color options? It's very subjective, but here's what we think:

  • Carbon Fiber Black - Very hard-wearing, and thicker, so easier to install. You can't go wrong with black carbon fiber since it's the classic wrap, but some might think it's a bit 'boy racer'.
  • Carbon Fiber White- Same hard-wearing surface, same ease of installation. A good option if you want something a little different while keeping your cabin bright. Trickier to fit, since any slight misalignment will be obvious against the piano black.
  • Brushed Black Metallic- One of the thinner vinyls, so a little trickier to install. Looks very subtle though, and like it came with the car.
  • Brushed Titanium Metallic - The closest match to the satin aluminum trim in the Model 3. All the brushed vinyls are thin, and more susceptible to creasing during installation. Cool the car (with the vinyl inside) to help with the installation.
  • Brushed Steel Metallic - The last of the brushed options - this really is a 'steely' finish, with hints of cool blue. Feels high-tech, and classy.
  • Matrix Black- Hands-down the AO favorite. It's a thicker vinyl, and has a subtle, hi-tech matte finish that's both hard-wearing and cool. There's no downside to Matrix Black.
  • Matte Black - Our most popular option, but also one that tends to show greasy marks and scratches. Another subtle installation that takes the shine away, but maintains the intended look inside the cabin.
  • Satin White - a great match for the white seats. Satin stands up well and resists dirt and grime. Requires the most skill to fit, as any small misalignment will be very visible against the piano black.
  • Satin Black - More resilient that matte black, and a very close color match to the black faux leather seats. A great option if you're concerned about the long-term appearance of the matte black (put another way, if you have kids or pets, choose this over matte black!).