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Model 3

Everything below is compatible with pre-Model Year 2021 Model 3's. Have a 2021 Model 3? All compatible accessories can be found here. Not sure which year you have? If you have chrome trim around the windows and chrome handles, you have a 2018-2020 Model 3. Black trim and handles means a 2021 or later.


SpaceX Emblem $19.99 USD
Trunk LightBar $39.99 USD
Purple single $9.99 USD
Red single $9.99 USD
White single $8.99 USD
Jeda Hub $79.00 USD
Gift Cards from $10.00 USD
Tesla PYD & P3D Emblems from $17.99 USD
Model 3 Mud Flaps from $49.99 USD
Brake Caliper Covers from $239.00 USD