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Premium Rear Footwell Lights for Model 3/Y

Model 3/Y
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Finally! A premium rear footwell solution for your Model 3 & Y! These are compatible with all Model Y's, and all premium versions of Model 3 - basically, if you have front footwell lights, then these will work for you. They're designed to dim when the front footwells dim (i.e. when the car is taken out of Park); the photos show the maximum (undimmed) brightness.

Each kit includes two rear footwell lights, one for each side, and feature:

  • Plug and Play Installation - it helps to be bendy during installation, but it's easy, no wire-taps required and no errors
  • Dimming Support - Model 3/Y dims the front footwell lights when the car is in drive, so we designed these to match that behavior
  • CE-Rated - Like all of our lights, they're CE rated, so you can be confident they're high-quality
  • Lifetime warranty - As with all of our lights, if you have any issues with them in the future, we've got your back

Once installed, the 12-element LED strips cast a bright light that beautifully lights up the rear footwells, making a great (and much-needed) addition to the ambient lighting in your car.

Installation takes 10-15 minutes per side, the only tool you might need (some cars have a T20 screw holding up the front footwell panels, others don't) is a T20 Torx screwdriver. Please refer to the videos below for the product introduction, and the installation by Erik.

Installing the rear footwell lights strips is easy, and should take more more than 20-30 minutes. Please watch the video below before starting, or watch it on your Tesla screen by browsing to You can also check out the 3rd video by JQ Louise for a Model Y install without loosening the seat rails.

For Model 3, since there's less space to feed the light under the seat, you need to loosen the rear seat bolts to lift the seat slightly. Please refer to the second video below to see how to do that.