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Premium Model Y Floor Mats by Abstract Ocean

Model Y
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Protect and enhance the interior of your Model Y (all years) with these great floor mats.  

We spent well over a year developing and refining our own solution based on the feedback and testing of our customers (thank you!). Our floormats have a woven top-layer made from thermoplastic. It's 100% waterproof, so cleaning is as easy as a quick vacuum, or hosing down if needed. The middle layers adds structure and cushioning, together with some sound absorption by using polyethylene (XPE) foam. The final, bottom layer is full-grip, similar to the hooked side of Velcro. This ensures each floor mat stays perfectly in place. There's no odor from our floor mats. The end result is a custom-fit, resilient and lightweight floormat that looks great in your Tesla.

Choose from the following options: 

  • 3 piece set - left & right front footwells, and second row (5 & 7 seat version)
  • Best Value - 6 piece set for 5 Seat version- everything in the 4 piece, plus frunk and lower trunk liners
  • Best Value - 9 piece set for 7 Seat version - everything in the 3 piece, plus 3rd Row, Trunk, Frunk and Lower trunk liners
  • 2nd and 3rd Row Rear Seat Covers

    Most of our floormats are shipped in either a box or a giant polybag. In either case, the mats might be folded, or will have been jostled around during shipping. As you unpack them and place them in your Tesla, give them a few days to re-find their natural shape.  Warming up the car will accelerate the process. If you don't plan to install them right away, please unpack them, so they can be allowed to relax and regain their natural shape.

    The backing layer is like a giant sheet of hooky Velcro. This means they're never going to slide around. It also means when installing you should pay attention to lining up the edges and corners, as they'll try to grab hold of the carpet as you're placing them. For the trunk mat, it's probably easier to drop the seats, and place it into position. For the front mats, just be sure to make sure they're nicely tucked into the corners.

    Finally, if you ever need to clean them, dry dirt can just be vacuumed, but if things are a bit messier, just take them out of your car and hose them down. 95% of the water will just run off, then just give them a shake and leave them outside to finish drying.


    ❔ What makes these premium?

    Having three distinct layers means we've been able to incorporate features that would otherwise be missing. Of note, the hooked backing ensures the floor mats will never move, or 'flop'. The middle layer provides structure, so even if someone spills a Big Gulp, you can just lift the entire mat out for a quick hose down. The top layer is not only waterproof, it's also water resistant, so it just rolls off. Also tested with dog puke, because Mr. Pickles was apparently curious in the back of our Model Y.

    ❔ Will they fit my car? 

    Tesla are always changing things. The interior mats, including the mail trunk mat, will fit all years (Model 3 or Y). The lower trunk and frunk are designed for 2021+ Model years.

    ❔ Can I eat them?

    The good news is they're non-toxic, so technically, yes. They'll be rather chewy though, and lacking in both flavor and sustenance. 

    ❔ How will they ship?

    Due to the size, they only currently ship to the lower 48 states via UPS Ground. We're working on packaging that will enable us to ship them globally. The large mats may be folded for transit, but just let them sit in your car for a few days to fully restore their shape. Even if you do not plan to install them right away, please unpack them on arrival.

    ❔ How do I install them?

    Just drop them in! Because of the grippy backing, you should pay attention to making sure the angles/corners of the mats are correctly aligned with the same angles in the floor of your Tesla to ensure a perfect fit. For the trunk mat, you might find it easier to drop the back seats, so you can properly align it to the back of the trunk.