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Vinyl Indicator Wraps for Pre-AP2 Model S & X


Early Model S & X (pre-autopilot)
install difficulty:

Please note, these indicator wraps are only compatible with pre-AP2 Model S and Model X. This means that if you have side-mounted camera as part of your indicator/blinker/repeater assembly, these will not work. We don't have vinyl wraps for auto-pilot equipped cars, as for most people they're just too difficult to fit. We do have a selection of carbon fiber and carbon fiber-effect covers though ;-)

Made in-house here in the US, each wrap is precision-cut for your Model S & X using 3M 2080 vinyl. Featuring 'Comply Adhesive Technology' which virtually eliminates bubbles, simplifying and speeding up application. This also allows for residue free removal if you ever decide to remove it.

Application is easy and take about a minute; make sure the target area is clean, free of dirt or dust, then just take your time applying the vinyl. Remove the wrap with the clear carrier-sheet. Then, present the wrap to the indicator. You have a few points of reference to line up, so take your time. The logo and the top edge are your main focus areas; line these up, and the rest will line up perfectly. You might want to apply some light pressure to one of the top corners, then gently 'pivot' the film to make sure the rest is aligned. Once you're happy, apply firm, even pressure - a towel will help. Pay particular attention to the tiny triangular piece, Now gently remove the carrier sheet at a sharp angle, leaving the vinyl in place. If the vinyl pulls away, replace the carrier sheet and apply more pressure to ensure the vinyl is stuck to the indicator correctly. Repeat on each side.