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HEPA Cabin Air Filters for Model 3 & Y (sold as a pair)


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all Model 3 & Y
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From our friends at EVTuning, we present their awesome Model 3 & Y HEPA Filters! We found these while searching for a solution to replace our stinky filters, that after the summer were starting to smell musty with a hint of vinegar. Combine with these magnetic covers to make future installations much easier.

Made as a perfect replacement for the factory filters (p/n 1107681-00-A), these add 3M HEPA filter media and activated carbon to keep the air inside your Model 3/Y beautifully clean. Please refer to the video below from TeslaRaj for replacement instructions (jump to 8m 30s for the installation).

The project is moderately easy, but does require the removal of a trim piece, and the location of the cabin filters is awkward, and made more frustrating than it should be by a poorly placed retaining screw. After they're installed, there's no noticeable change in air flow or load on the AC motor.

The science bit: These filters cannot instantly remove all odors and smells from outside. By way of comparison, the factory filter, at best, catches particles down to ~10 microns, and is classified as a Conventional Particle Filtration membrane. It cannot take odors out of the air, and that's why all cars have a re-circulation feature, to prevent heavy odors and particulates entering the cabin (and to reduce the AC burden on hot days). These filters are 0.3 microns, and are rated as a Micro-filtration membrane. This will catch some bacteria, and most airborne pollen, spores and smoke, but also will not prevent most heavy odors. This is why S & X, when the bio-weapon mode is enabled, immediately switch to re-circulation mode, as the same air is scrubbed repeatedly by the filters.

Again, please watch the video, but these are the basic steps:

  1. Clear the footwell area on the passenger side
  2. Pull away the carpet trim panel by grasping an edge and pulling it away. This is held in place with spring clips, so don't be shy when using a little force to remove it.
  3. Now remove the panel above the footwell where the light is. This is held in place by pop-clips, you'll need a Spudger or flat-blade screwdriver to remove.
  4. Now you have access to the filter location, pull the orange cable out of the way.
  5. The filter compartment is behind the orange cable at the top. A single T20 torque screw hold the panel in place. The screw is at the top of the panel (WHY Tesla, WHY??), so access it very restricted. Some customer have found the screw is loose and you can unscrew it with the T20 bit and just your fingers, but otherwise you'll need a flexible screwdriver or we use a mini ratcheting screwdriver. It's a good, cheap addition to your toolbox.
  6. Once the screw is out, the panel just levers out and can be removed.
  7. There are 2 filters inside, grab the tab to remove the top one, then grab the other tab to lift and remove the bottom one.
  8. Inserting the filers is the reverse of the above. Ensure the tabs are in the correct place (at the top for the lower filter, and the bottom for the top filter), and avoid scuffing the foam seal around the new filters, as this helps ensure a great seal.