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Tesla Performance Emblem

Model 3/Y
install difficulty:
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Inspired by Franz's Performance Model 3 and the new Roadster), we designed the OEM-grade T E S L A Performance emblem to be easy to install.

Available in multiple finishes, this easy-to-install emblem looks like it came out of the factory. Check out the customers photos below too see how they look with different paint colors.

Key features of our Performance emblem:

  • Unique application template to ensure a perfect installation, every time
  • Made of double-plated ABS (the same material and quality of most car emblems)
  • Complete factory look - this is not a flat vinyl emblem
  • Size when installed: 550mm x 21mm x 2mm (21.6 x 0.8" x 0.07")

If you want to add a touch of personality to your car, our decal is perfect for you! Please note that if your car has a fresh ceramic coating, the decal may not stick as well. However, it will be fine if the coating is a few months old. If you intend to apply PPF (Paint Protection Film) to your car, the emblem can be applied before or after.

IMPORTANT Model Y note: For very early Model Y's (pre-Covid shutdown, so typically delivered before April 2020) The rear emblem has two locating pins which align to holes in the trunk lid, so it cannot be removed. For this reason, plan to position your emblem below the logo (there's a lot more room than there is on the Model 3), rather than removing the rear logo. Model Y's delivered after June 2020 do not have holes in the trunk lid.

Install Guide