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Paint Protection Kits (rear Fenders/Rocker)

All M3 & Pre May 2021 Model Y
install difficulty:
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Compatibility Note: Model Y's delivered after May 2021 might already have PPF installed; please check before ordering.

Protect your Model 3 or Y from snow, salt, sand and other small road debris that can cause wear and tear on your paint surfaces with our paint protection film (PPF) kits.  We use Xpel Ultimate Plus film, generally regarded as one of the best, if not the best, PPF available. 


  • Xpel PPF kit for left & right fenders (choose Model 3 or Y)
  • 1x squeegee

Optionally, you can also order a 4oz spray bottle of Xpel Installation Gel (also known as slip solution, but you can easily make your own slip solution with a mix of about 10-15% baby shampoo (or any basic shampoo or dish soap) and water, and that's what we recommend as the most cost-effective solution.

  • The Model 3 option has 2 pieces per side, one for the rear of the rocker panel, the other for the lower rear quarter of the door.
  • The Model Y option has one, larger piece per side for the lower rear quarter of the door (since the rocker panel is not painted on Model Y)

Please watch the video below, and ensure the following before starting:

  • The application area must be completely clean (it doesn't matter if it has a ceramic or wax coating, it just needs to be free of dirt)
  • Apply when it's at least 60f/16c
  • After application, do not expose to rain of extreme weather for 24hrs