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Isolation Kit for the PWS (Pedestrian Warning System)

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Note: Please be aware that some owners are reporting that they now see an error on the center screen when the speaker is disconnected. This does not seem to be widespread, but it does appear that Tesla is starting to implement code to validate the speaker is connected.

Not enjoying the weird noise your Tesla makes when driving at slow speeds, but looking for a reversible solution, in case Elon delivers some more interesting sounds?

The PWS speaker is in a somewhat exposed area, and is subjected to dust, water and anything else that gets kicked up off the road while you're driving. This kit ensures that when disconnected, both the supply cable and the socket are completely, and professionally, protected from the elements until you're ready to plug it back in, either for resale, or a cool new sound that comes out. 

Disclaimer: You are disabling a safety feature by opting to do this, albeit one that will never exist on at least half a million older Teslas, and many other hybrid and EV's. Tesla could also render this unusable with a future software release. With that said, when your Tesla does become fully autonomous, and does not require your supervision to drive and navigate in public spaces, we recommend that you reconnect the speaker.