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Strut Upgrades for Model 3

Model 3
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Compatibility note: For all Model 3's; if you have a 2021 or later version (with the powered trunk) then you only need the frunk struts.

Are you sad that your Model 3 trunk or frunk isn't automatic? AO's Chief Girl is. To fix half the problem (closing is still manual), we have sets of upgraded struts, or pneumatic lifts for you. Sold as a pair for either the frunk, trunk, or both, these are a cost effective direct replacement for the factory struts, and take 10 minutes to switch out. Once complete, you'll be able to open your trunk and/or frunk remotely using your Model 3 key, or the app.

Please note: Installing these struts will make the frunk, and especially the trunk, harder to close, and the initial opening movement is quite fast, before slowing as the trunk/frunk fully opens. There's no dodging physics unfortunately, but the effort you put in to close is worth it for the open :-)