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Installing the T E S L A Performance decals

We've created a couple of videos, the first showing how to remove the "T" emblem, and the second showing how to apply the Performance Emblem. Please do watch the videos, and note the following tips:

  • When removing the T, just take a little time with it. It's made of metal, so once it's almost removed, take care that it doesn't drop onto the bumper or hood below
  • Prior to removing the T, it's an excellent marker for the exact middle of the trunk, so use some tape or crayon to mark the spot before removing it
  • When applying the Performance decal, as you gently apply the lettering, be sure to eye-ball it before applying firmer pressure to the letters, and make any adjustments as needed to ensure it's centered and level.
  • If you have a fresh ceramic coating (or any of the 'non stick nano coatings) on your car, then our decal will not stick very well to it. It will be fine if the coating is a few months old, but during the first few months, it's very slippery, and noting will stick very effectively to it.

 Now, without further ado, here's the videos :-)